Upcoming Classes:
    08-12 January 2022
    05-09 February 2022
    12-16 March 2022
    14-18 May 2022
    8-10 June 2022 (Instructors only-courseware review)
    09-13 July 2022
    03-07 September 2022

Venue:  Naval Base Coronado-North Island, San Diego, CA

POCCAPT Darren Donley -- darren.donley@navy.mil

EPLO Proficiency Course Mission:
  • To provide an interactive approach to learning the DSCA mission
  • To provide practical skill development and exercise experience
  • To ensure standardization of EPLO practices and performance
  • To enhance the professional EPLO community by training with Service counterparts

Course Description:

        The EPLO Proficiency Course is an executive-level, five-day, joint service, in-resident course designed to train first year EPLOs across all DOD services and the Coast Guard.  Course material is continuously updated to meet the dynamic nature of DSCA.  This course is designed and delivered by senior EPLOs and civilian subject matter experts.

  • FEMA online courses IS 100, 200, 293, 700, 800
  • Joint Knowledge Online DSCA 1 course

Topics covered:

  • DSCA Strategic Perspectives
  • DSCA Relationships
  • Service-specific DSCA
  • EPLO Roles and Responsibilities
  • EPLO Preparations and Operations
  • Installation Support Mission
  • Requests for Assistance and Sourcing
  • Public Affairs
  • Web-based Tools

Learning Methodologies:

  • Distance learning of prerequisites
  • Interactive lectures
  • Case studies
  • Role playing
  • Tabletop training exercise
  • Daily review quizzes
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Team-building events