Upcoming Classes:
    13-17 May 2023        (Buckley SFB, Denver, CO)
    08-12 July 2023        (NB Coronado-North Island, San Diego, CA)
    12-15 August 2023    (Guam for DCE West members)
    19-22 August 2023    (Hawaii for DCE East members)
    09-13 Sept 2023        (NB Coronado-North Island, San Diego, CA)

Registration:  CAPT Darren Donley -- darren.j.donley.mil@us.navy.mil

Joint EPLO Proficiency Course Mission:
  • To provide an interactive approach to learning the HD-DSCA mission
  • To provide practical skill development and exercise experience
  • To ensure standardization of EPLO practices and performance
  • To enhance the professional EPLO community by training with Service counterparts

Course Description:

        The Joint EPLO Proficiency Course is an executive-level, five-day, joint service, in-resident course designed to train first year EPLOs across all DOD services and the Coast Guard.  Course material is continuously updated to meet the dynamic nature of HD-DSCA.  This course is designed and delivered by senior EPLOs and civilian subject matter experts.

  • FEMA online courses IS 100, 200, 293, 700, 800
  • Joint Knowledge Online DSCA 1 course

Topics covered:

  • HD-DSCA Strategic Perspectives
  • HD-DSCA Relationships
  • Service-specific capabilities
  • EPLO Roles and Responsibilities
  • EPLO Preparations and Operations
  • Installation Support Mission
  • Requests for Assistance and Sourcing
  • Public Affairs
  • Web-based Tools

Learning Methodologies:

  • Distance learning of prerequisites
  • Interactive lectures
  • Field trip
  • Case studies
  • Role playing
  • Tabletop training exercise
  • Daily review quizzes
  • Coaching and mentoring